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Arts of Snohomish Gallery

Real art for real people  

New Gallery members


Modern artist Billy Barkley introduces a new perspective to the world of Fine and Digital Art. Unleashing a new and powerful experience in abstract acrylic paintings, monochrome sketches and dynamic and colorful digital designs printed on aircraft aluminum. Pushing the boundaries of the art culture, defined primarily by lack of any formal training, has helped to create an unorthodox style rarely seen. This young, innovative artist is destined to make waves in the art world, with a digital and fine art portfolio featuring extreme versatility in multiple mediums. 

Billy has spent the majority of his life involved in audio arts and has found a very natural path into the visual arts. It is easy to see that his creations are music for the eyes. As the founder of many successful art groups in social media forums such as Facebook, he helps to inspire other artists to find their potential and share their art with the world on an international level. 

Billy invites you to follow his journey as he paves the road of imagination and defines what art may emulate as we enter into the future. 


Hi my name is Katlyne Bartlett-new transplant from Mantua New Jersey!

Art has always been my escape from reality and a career commitment. I find most of my inspiration from my surrounding loved ones and friends along with my crazy taste in music and from my two adorable, yet devilish cats; Tiberius and Bonez. I am currently a student at Antioch University in downtown Seattle; pursuing my Bachelors in Psychology and then my Masters in Art Therapy.

Art has inspired me to help others and share the passion I find when creating new pieces. Art is every ounce of who I am and if I can help others find their ‘happy’ by sharing and helping them express their feelings through art; then I will have accomplished much more than a lifelong goal, but a dream.

I am more than excited to be a part of such an amazing talented group of people at the Arts of Snohomish! It’s a wonderful experience to get some of my works out there and I couldn’t be more honored to have this opportunity.